Operation Services MENU

Point of Sale Training for Staff: half day
Includes entering /modifying orders and timing courses

Point of Sale Training for Management: full day
Includes screen layout and editing; adding/deleting items and incorporating food costs. Make your POS stations employee-friendly

Labor Tutorial: half day
Scheduling / Sales by hour/ Labor templates. Lowers your labor costs

Productivity Measurement and Development: 1-2 weeks @ 3-4 hours per day
Ideal for kitchen prep and line staff. Determine output and productivity of staff. Includes educating staff on food cost/waste

Scheduling and Break Violations: 3-4 hours
Define and determine break violations. Explain legalities on California employment law violations and how to avoid them. Includes POS break programming . A proper schedule can save you several points in labor costs

Target Marketing

  • All aspects of tools to recruit guests and keep them coming back
  • Includes training on Open Table

Front Desk Operations

  • Training front desk from Host to Management
  • Optimize customer service, reduce cancellations, insuring reservations and maximizing seating and turns

Business Plan Creation
Includes demographics, competition, pre-opening budget and operating budget for first three years. Excellent for making proposals to investors

Health Department pre-opening checklists
Checklist forms and instruction on meeting Health Department requirements for specific locations. Following these will ensure your establishment gets at least a 90% Health Department rating

Design & Architecture
Design new or remodel existing structures to impact efficiency

Director Package: one week

  • Includes overview of restaurant, budget, and P&L statements on a weekly basis.
  • Manager training in all aspects of location; all health department criteria;
  • Overall labor, food and pour cost control training
  • Inventory training and overvie

Staff Services MENU

Service Training for all Front of House departments

  • Host (4 hours) Training in host stand etiquette, maximizing seating profitability, customer knowledge and retention
  • Server (5 days, 4 hours per day) Training in table service, proper setup, customer satisfaction and sidework
  • Bartender (3 days, 4 hours per day) Pour cost analysis and training as it affects bar costs. Training in retention and building clientele at your bar

Development of staff Training Manual
Professional Support and Performance Evaluation Includes one day per week visits with written evaluations for one month. Evaluations also include analysis of costs for the month, and where to improve upon where and how it can be reduced without affecting customer experience.

Bar Services MENU

Liquor, Beer & Wine Costing and Menu Mix Analysis
Including training of bar manager and GM on pour costs and building a better bar menu/wine list

Bar Inventory Setup & Training

  • Includes one full inventory training, setting up inventory sheets
  • One full day of observation and correction to insure accuracy

Cocktail Menu Development
Create all new cocktail menu, including costing for each drink

Cocktail Training
Train cocktail wait staff on all drinks, as well as pairings of wine/beer/liquor with menu items

Cocktail Menu Development and Training Package
Includes all of the above

Bar Manager Toolbox*

  • Creation of master ingredient lists
  • Specifications, order guides, preparation & production sheets
  • Bar map creation and par guidelines

Wine List Menu Development
Expand your wine offerings, while getting best menu-specific pairings to compliment your restaurant

Bar fruit/juice Waste Analysis and Bar Setup
Improves bar revenue by making ordering more efficient and cutting down waste

Security training for product and cash handling

Management ordering training

*only available with purchase of cocktail menu development and training package

Culinary Services MENU

Kitchen Training for all Kitchen Departments
Training for two weeks in all kitchen departments by Chef Scott Leibfried

Restaurant Menu Development
Take the best of local ingredients and create a menu that is different from the competition. With Chef Scott Leibfried

Kitchen Training and Menu Development Package

Multi-Unit Commissary Kitchen Development

  • Geared towards restaurants who need a major high-production kitchen to prep/create menu items and transport them to units
  • Includes menu creation and staff training

Executive Chef Toolbox*

  • Creation of master ingredient lists
  • Specifications, order guides, preparation & production sheets
  • Food cost analysis and breakdown

Vendor Selection, Contract Negotiations and Optimal Buying Tips
Seeking out and negotiating buying deals with all local and major vendors

*only available with purchase of kitchen training and menu development package

Accounting Services MENU

Budget training and Creation

  • How to read budgets and Profit/Loss statements
  • How to create a budget that your restaurant can meet and show a profit

Profit and Loss Statements
Includes editing of screen layout and adding new items

Management & Bookkeeper Training: 4 hours per day for 2 days

  • Includes GL coding, setting up invoice/cost tracking systems
  • Manager/Accountant interfacing
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