Gordon Ramsay

Mick Fleetwood:

"HJL Restaurant Advisors is my choice for the operations and culinary partners to help me design and operate Fleetwood's on Front St. Attention to detail, consummate industry knowledge, commitment to both the technical process and their ability to understand and support my artistic and aesthetic direction, were paramount for me when I selected HJL Restaurant Advisors. I'm excited to be involved with HJL in the process of creating my restaurant on Maui's famous Front Street in Hawaii."



Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay:

"...During 12 seasons of HK, Scott ran a professional kitchen in a set environment. On Nightmares, he was my personal chef consultant for each episode...What impresses me with Scott is that he continues to maintain the highest of standards daily. His product knowledge is endless and his technique is spot on. Scott brings his talent and his passion to the kitchen every day. He has a clear understanding of daily operations in the restaurant industry. When building a team, start with Scott."


Sports Illustrated

“Cobi is the most recognizable figure in the
history of American soccer. ”

– Sport’s Illustrated 10/18/07

Fox Soccer Channel

“American Legend Cobi Jones still strong.”

– Fox Soccer Channel

Abel Xavier

“Massive Respect to Cobi.”

“Cobi Jones is the name that everyone
associates with soccer in America.”

– Abel Xavier

Landon Donovan

“I've always prided myself in my ability to continue playing at a high level. I learned a lot about this from Cobi Jones. There are so many young players that are the flavor of the week that people love to anoint the next great thing ... The easy part is getting to the top. It is much more difficult to stay there. Cobi was able to play at that level for nearly 20 years and I always respected that about him.”

– Landon Donovan


“HJL Restaurant Advisors Group has been great in helping us evolve our restaurants and bar services to take us a cut above our competition.

– Mark Lawrence Owner Blush, The Marquee

Tonic Night Club

“Their (HJL Group's) work is excellent, from the very first meeting to the final phase of the project. We have been pleased with their ability to impact our culture of success.”

– Asaf Dimant, Owner Tonic Night Club, The Savoy

Santa Monica Seafood

“Jeremiah and Scott were great at spearheading our efforts to open the Santa Monica Seafood Wilshire store and The Oyster Bar and Cafe. They brought new ideas to the table all of the time. Their knowledge about the restaurant business was a great help, and it shows in the success we’ve seen since the opening.”

– Seth Marshall, Sr. Vice President, Santa Monica Seafood

(Cobi) “...Pioneered soccer in this country.”

– Chris Klein

David Beckham

“Cobi has been one of the important figures in the growth of soccer in the United States during the past two decades. As a player and a coach, he has demonstrated the values of hard work, commitment and professionalism that have served as a model for a generation of players in this country. His talent and leadership made him one of the key figures in the national team for more than a decade, and he now carries that legacy into the next phase of his career."

– Sunil Gulati

David Beckham

“Cobi is a great player to play with - It has been
an honor and a pleasure to play with him.”

– David Beckham

“You’ve built this place.”

– Peter Vargernet

“Simply the best.”

– Ralph Perez, Coach

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