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Everything you need in one place. On-demand, customizable, cost-effective tools to help you launch and maintain a profitable restaurant.


  • Forms, videos, and cost-calculators for every department from the back to the front of the house
  • Advice on how to grown your business
  • Professional advice from a virtual board of successful restaurant owners
  • Guidance on launching new products and new services

Do you constantly feel like you're chasing problems and putting out fires? Worried about training, finding forms, and managing the books? There's got to be a better way. When you're running a restaurant, you want to focus on your customers, not searching for the right tools to run your business. Do you evolve helps you build and maintain a better business. We are your restaurant advisory board; an online toolbox for the modern restaurant business. It's a web based resource marketplace that lets you search for information and answers to questions from the front to the back of the house. There are no software installs and its easy to get started right away.

With evolve, you can customize your materials to fit your restaurant and your current needs. First time opening a restaurant? We've got everything you need in one packet from training materials to a 90-Day opening checklist. Having problems food-costing in the kitchen? We've got the answers to that too. With evolve, you can pick and choose the tools you want and only pay for what you need. evolve takes care of tedious searching and guesswork saving you time and money… BIG TIME.

Businesses using evolve saved an average of 12 times the cost of their purchases in server training alone. We give you the flexibility, convenience, and savings over traditional restaurant consulting methods so you can focus on your business, not chasing answers. From Mom and Pop shops to corporations with thousands of employees, evolve helps you build a better restaurant business.

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Facebook and Twitter Strategies

  • Setting twitter and facebook vanities, accounts, and member names.
  • Creating an annual calendar of promotional events that management staff can follow to promote all upcoming events.
  • Weekly updating of specials and management training in effective social media marketing.

Commercial Production

We create a commercial strategy to complement the marketing plan for each unique location.

Webisode Production

We will write, produce, and assist you in creating and expanding your brand through original webisodes to air on your website.

Print Advertising

We will assist your management team in creating an advertising calendar and schedule of advertisers marketed to your key customer base, and complementing your restaurant's seasonal specials.

Budgets Training & Creation

We train your management how to read, understand and utilize an operations budget.

Order Guide Creation

We create accurate order guides to reduce over-ordering, less waste and tighter inventories.

Inventory Sheet Creation

We create accurate inventory sheets for your management to control and insure your best food and pour cost.

Director of Operations For your Restaurant

Overseeing all operations of your restaurant, including line-by-line analysis of your budget and profit & loss statement; Manager training in all aspects of location; Overview and instruction for all Health Department requirements; Instruction and supervision in controlling all costs, including food costs from the kitchen, labor costs from staff, and pour costs from the bar; Inventory training and overview for management. Includes a weekly audit of service, property, and management controls.

Neighboorhood Joints Audit Service

We will come in at your request and spend time at the bar and restaurant, inspecting and evaluating everything from the parking lot to the bathrooms. Special attention will be paid to neighborhood joint standards. This 50 point inspection will come with a written report grading every aspect of the location, including what is working well and what can be improved.

Service Training for all Service Departments

How to properly handle guests for all FOH departments. Covers all items specific to the department.

  • Host
  • Server
  • Bartender pour analysis & training


Development of Staff Training Manuals

Training manual for each department

  • Server manual
  • Host Manual
  • Bartender Manual
  • Kitchen Manual
  • Additional recipe book with photos
  • Manager: training the trainer
  • Training Manual Package
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